This is the website when I store my writings so far for everyone’s easy viewing. I do mostly artworks (fanart) now but I will still post stories from time to time.


Hey! Welcome! あたしのページへようこそ!

My name is Dylan Balde; I’m an artist, cosplayer, and a freelance writer and journalist currently based in Manila (sometimes Hong Kong). You probably know me on Facebook as Dylan the Bard and on Instagram as Dylionpool. Two epithets, one name, same person. I am mostly known for my Copic fanarts of popular anime & manga and comic book characters, and for my detailed, strictly black n’ white linework, most of which I do within an hour or less and without having to erase or use a pencil. Depending on the difficulty of the drawing and the subject, some artworks I do use a pencil on; however this is on a case-by-case basis; usually I’d much rather do away with outlines, because let’s face it, not having to rely on one all the time does make for an interesting challenge (and I like a good challenge).

It’s not so much a matter of skill though, than it is a severe lack of patience; I have adult ADHD and bipolar disorder, which means I can be very jumpy and restless— as much as possible, I would like to get my work done fast, otherwise risk losing interest. (I also currently don’t own a proper desk—I draw on my bed sitting on the floor—so working for too long hurts my back. Whichever way I look at it, “fast” works best for me.)

Anyway so far I’ve done DC and plenty of popular anime and manga characters— there was Damian Wayne (the fourth male Robin) and Roy Harper (Speedy / Arsenal), Naruto, Goku (a personal favorite and recurrent subject), Nisekoi, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Evangelion, Ranma, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Shokugeki no Souma— I’ve even done Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso from the original Karate Kid, which was a tricky challenge but damn fun to do. I’m very flexible, and I’m open to hearing requests (though I can’t guarantee I will go through with all your suggestions; depends on what you’re asking, my familiarity with the subject, and my current skill level, and also if you’ve pledged) so just comment and PM away.

Most of my current portfolio are sketches of men. I’m not very good at sketching women, that’s why; and it’s a regrettable, ugly, frustrating flaw, but I’m working on that. I’m also not the best at harnessing the power of color, which explains the avid preoccupation with black n’ white drawings and lineart, but I am presently working on that too, studying quietly and learning from the experts.

As mentioned I mainly use Copic multiliners (of different nib thicknesses), but I also use Faber Castell color pencils just as frequently. I own a small batch of Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao markers but I’m still in the process of learning how to use those correctly, so don’t expect any posts on colored Copics anytime soon. I want to make sure I’ve at least partially mastered the medium before I seriously try anything out. I also draw using an Adonit Jot Pro digitally on my tablet (YES I do draw digital from time to time, I’m actually moderately good at it, but I prefer traditional still because the pen is easier to control, plus I’m still learning how to draw digitally better). My favorite programs include Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Medibang Paint. I also use Sai, Manga Studio, and Photoshop on my laptop using a Bamboo Wacom tablet (not as frequent anymore though).


As a bonus, and to encourage everyone to pledge, I will be doing live video chats once every week where you can ask me questions live or just tell me anything, at all. Please keep things civil and respectful though, so we can all have a decent conversation. Accounts posting disrespectful comments meant to hurt others will be promptly banned, at my personal discretion. Trolls likewise. #AMA #AskMeAnything I will be conducting the live chats on Instagram mainly, but sometimes on Facebook too so make sure to follow and like both my pages!


If you’ve been to my Patreon page or Facebook page before February 2017, you might be wondering now why everything seems so different. Yes, this used to be a writer’s Patreon, but I recently decided to switch it to an artist’s one because I noticed over the past several months (since launching the pages) that my artworks are getting a lot more traction and support both online and offline than my writings. It seems people are more attracted to, and interested in, the numerous fanarts I’m doing, rather than the original short stories, poetry, or novellas I’m serializing (for free online). It took me a while to get it but apparently it’s the drawings—not the stories—that are quickly drawing in the thick crowd. And what a crowd it’s been! Even now I’m still floored. I’m surprised so many are so pleasantly supportive of my art, and asking for more.

Most of my current supporters and likers followed because they liked my artworks, so I’m changing my Patreon ever so slightly to adapt and cater to that quiet demand. I honestly would never have gotten that many followers and much online support if not for you always checking back on my fanart, so thank you, this is for you. I don’t intend to draw for a living, I don’t think I’m good enough for that and I’ve since given up on dreaming; honestly you guys are the only reason I want to keep drawing and posting and posting.

My online novel, “Penguin Heart,” which I used to serialize last year and release once every Thursday or Friday, is currently on hiatus because of my unstable neuro condition. I mentioned in my Patreon and Facebook that I suffered from an unexpected severe medical emergency December 17th last year which severely weakened and crippled my limbs and mental faculties (epilepsy and movement disorder); I’ve had to take many things slow as a result, while other projects had to be put (indefinitely, but working to make sure not for long) on hold. My writing site on WordPress is still active though and all chapters and writings are still up if you’re still interested in re-reading or catching up on those.

Update (July 20, 2017): I presently work as a digital journalist, writing for Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Creators.co, to help my family make ends meet. I finished my “internship” a few days ago and was recently verified by Creators Media, Inc. (more popularly known as Creators.co) to work full-time under their paid freelancing program. That means steady(-ier) income for me. Like the other Verified Creators working for Creators.co, I specialize in pop culture-type journalism; we discuss anything from news features to social topics, mock-academic subjects to in-depth thinkpieces. We earn based on the number of views we get, so if you can spare the time, please do check my articles here (https://creators.co/@dylionpool) and share, just to help a girl out.

You will still see links to my articles every so often, and also links to new short stories (and chapters to Penguin Heart once I’m ready to write it again), but content will still generally be about art, well because it’s easier and it just keeps coming to me.


Financially my family has been struggling—me having trouble getting a proper job because of the massive limitations to my health not helping—so please, please do consider pledging at least a dollar (50 pesos) monthly to my Patreon here if you’re able to; we sorely need the money.

Of course I am still continually searching and applying for work elsewhere—some on writing and public speaking but most about other things like sales and admin work, because honestly those are the only positions I am capable of holding at the moment—but nobody has been replying or getting back to me, it’s so depressing. Very few actually respond and my mother, who is away singlehandedly earning for the family, is struggling to keep up with the mounting expenses (that generally come from me and my meds, doctors’ consultations, emergencies) in addition to her weakened health (not being as young as she used to be). So I’m deadset on getting a paid job as soon as possible, but every time I get shot down it upsets me (even though I know it’s routine and happens to everyone); I’m just so desperate to earn whatever way I could and I hate that most of the time I am practically helpless. I also know my disability (I’m a registered PWD in my country because of my many medical problems) is factoring in to companies’ decisions on whether or not to hire me and that genuinely frustrates and discourages me.

I will never stop looking and looking and applying but I am appealing to you: if you love my art and want to help me generally and also support me as an artist, help me make more, then please PLEASE do considering pledging. Any amount would do. When this was originally a writer’s Patreon, nobody pledged within the first three months since I started. It was very discouraging but I figured maybe I was just doing something wrong. So hopefully this remedies it.

So yes, please do pledge! I promise you won’t be disappointed! I draw and post fanarts (and other types of artworks) more or less regularly and usually a week doesn’t go by without me at least posting one drawing.

Again thank you so much, hopefully you consider pledging (Patreon accepts credit and debit cards, and PayPal payments, but if you want alternate methods, PM me on any of my pages), and enjoy the artworks!

P.S. This is the link to the original welcome text I wrote when this page was still generally about writing: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxjPZfGM7CCuM2xzZnRrTEtMdDQ

The rewards list have also been changed accordingly. Most of my rewards then were related to my writing in some way; now they’re all about the art. Please see my Patreon for the complete list.


Patreon – http://www.patreon.com/dylanbalde

Facebook – “Dylan the Bard -Dylan Balde-” http://fb.me/dylanthebard

Instagram – “dylionpool” http://www.instagram.com/dylionpool

Pixiv – https://pixiv.me/dylion


Official Writer’s Page (Creators.co) – http://www.creators.co/@dylionpool

Personal Writing Website – https://dylanbalde.wordpress.com

Twitter – @dylanbalde

Soundcloud – TBA

YouTube – TBA


Want me to keep publishing stories & art for FREE on a regular basis and not go hungry? Support me on Patreon! Here’s the link: http://www.patreon.com/dylanbalde

All rights and copyright go to me, Dylan Balde. No stealing and masquerading around claiming any of the stuff here is yours; Patreon is watching you. (Also that would be a really dickish thing to do.) Sharing is all right though; sharing would be lovely. Just don’t forget to credit me or the page.



Do take time to read through the list of rewards on my Patreon. I promise you, I will make subscribing completely worth your while. Remember! No contribution is too small! Even a $1 (Php 50) goes a long way.






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