“Seph!” Ross rang her doorbell repeatedly in a furious rage. “Open the door, Seph!” When there was no answer, Ross resorted to banging on the door. He couldn’t wait. He’d been waiting and trying and failing miserably for almost two years now, and finally he knew why. He wasn’t going to wait anymore. Soon … More Brutes


The other night, I had this oddly photorealistic dream about Ginny and her friends. It was all sorts of terrifying and fascinating, mainly because it felt very real; I actually ended up sleeping in the next morning because of it. I spent the last two days before that imperceptibly looking through their recent vacation photos … More Anticlimax

First Blood

I ran down the stairs and saw my Grammy pulling luggage out the front door. “Oh, oh! Wait for me!” I promptly hurried to our room upstairs to get dressed. It was empty. Mama must be in the bathroom again, I thought. Huffing, I hopped on one foot trying to get a better look in … More First Blood